US Debt Crisis Survey Results: Many Americans Suffering Anxiety

The US Debt has been a growing concern for many Americans.  In fact, after a brand new survey, Ask Your Target Market reports that over 50% of Americans feel the US debt is the most serious issue we face as a nation today.

The Public Debt and America’s Future

The nation’s public debt has been growing at an accelerated rate since 2001 due to a variety of factors.  Congress is currently considering extending the debt ceiling, as the US is currently at the limit of Congressionally authorized debt.  Some worry that if the debt ceiling is not extended, the US will not have funds to pay all of its obligations, including interest on current debt.

Regardless of the reason for increased spending and decreased tax revenues that have put the nation in debt, most Americans agree that the debt crisis causes them to feel anxiety about their future.

The actual amount of the deficit increases every second.  Many debt clocks have appeared around the country.   These electronic billboards show the real-time state of the nation’s deficit.  No doubt these constant reminders only add to the nation’s anxiety.

US Debt - National Debt Clock

What are Congress and the President doing to solve the crisis?

While the debt crisis has caused worsened polarization along political lines in Washington, most Americans feel that Congress and President Obama are not doing all they can to secure America’s financial future.

According to AYTM’s poll, only 6% of Americans believe members of Congress are giving their best effort to solve the debt problem while 73.9% believe they are not giving their best effort, and 20.1% are unsure.

President Obama fared slightly better with 21.6% of Americans believing he is giving his best effort to solve the debt crisis.  54.1% of Americans believe he is not giving his best effort, and 24.3% are unsure.

America’s Financial Future

Through all the disagreements in Washington and around the nation about how to fix the debt, most agree that the US Debt is a problem that must be resolved, no matter how long it takes.  According to AYTM’s poll, only 25.6% of respondents believe the debt problem can be solved within their lifetime, while 40.9% believe that it cannot be solved within their lifetime, and 33.5% are unsure.

The US Debt is a problem that seriously concerns most Americans, leaving us wondering about the security of our nation’s financial future and how it will affect us as individuals.  When will this crisis be solved, and what measures will it take from our nation’s leaders?

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