Using Ebooks to Build a Brand – Part 4

Promoting, Tracking, and Researching Ebook Performance

So far in the Using Ebooks to Build a Brand series, you’ve learned what an ebook is, how to plan an ebook, and how to write an ebook. Now, it’s time to learn how to promote and track your ebook’s success as well as about the follow-up market research you should conduct in order to analyze performance based on consumer perception. Turning an ebook into an effective content marketing initiative takes more than clicking a publish button and making your ebook available online, and that’s what Part 4 of this series covers.

market research brand ebook v2Promoting an Ebook

Once you publish your ebook, you need to promote it in order to raise awareness and motivate people to read it, share it, and talk about it. You need to spread the word on your branded websites and social networks.

Avoid putting a price tag on your ebook or requiring people to provide an email address to download it. By offering your ebook for free and encouraging people to share it and talk about it, your brand will get more exposure, and that growing brand awareness and recognition can last for a very long time. Be sure to promote your ebook offline, too. Ebooks are a valuable part of an integrated brand marketing strategy.

As you’re writing your ebook, think about how you can repurpose the content to give it a wider reach and a longer shelf-life of interest. For example, concepts discussed in an ebook can be repurposed into blog posts, infographics, videos, tweets, webinars, and so much more. Be careful not to republish duplicate content from your ebook across the web. Your goal should be to take bits and pieces of your ebook and make them more accessible through different websites and tools. The reason is simple. Not everyone likes to read ebooks. Give them more ways to consume your valuable content, talk about it, and share it with their own audiences. The end result will be increased awareness and recognition for your brand.

Tracking an Ebook

growth graphCreate a unique landing page for your ebook and a unique download URL so you can track interest, visits, and downloads. Make it easy for people to share your ebook by including social sharing buttons on the landing page, and use social media monitoring tools to track mentions and shares.

At the same time, monitor your website visits and brand reputation carefully, and look for increases in traffic, mentions, shares, and brand sentiment that correlate with the release of your ebook. Of course, join conversations across the social web to keep the momentum going and to further increase positive perceptions of your brand.

Ebook Performance Market Research

Finally, no ebook initiative is complete without post-release performance market research. Did your ebook solve readers’ problems? Did your target audience read it? Did they like it? Did they share it? What do they want next, and what new questions do they have after reading it? What is their perception of your brand after reading your ebook?

These are just some of the questions that you need to ask your target audience through follow-up market research to determine if your ebook was a true success, what you should do again, and what you should change. Be sure to survey members of your target audience who didn’t read your ebook, too, so you can learn why.

Don’t skip the post-publishing market research step. In fact, don’t just think of it as the final step in your ebook project plan. Instead, also think of it as the first step in your next ebook project plan.

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