Valentine’s Day: A Difference in Celebration

This year 76% of consumers plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th. A day known for celebrating  love, chocolates and everything heart shaped. In a recent AYTM survey of 1,000 respondents we found that age and gender affect the holiday the most when it comes to decision making.

To Go Out or Stay In?

Go out to a fancy dinner or stay in to relax? A question most ponder when thinking about Valentine’s Day. Men and women differ on the decision on whether to go out or stay in. With women more inclined to stay in (57%) compared to men (43%). While men lead in wanting to go out (59%) compared to women (41%). Overall, many (72%) have plans to celebrate by going out with their significant others.

Gifts of Love

Gifts are popular to give on Valentine’s Day and 53% of consumers agree with plans to purchase gifts. Women are more likely to buy gifts for their family (67%) than men (33%). Although, both are overall  likely to purchase gifts for a significant other (54%).

Female Respondents

Male Respondents

Our data found that men and women also differ in their gift buying choices, with men more likely to purchase flowers (31%) than women (9%).

Age Matters

When looking at different behaviors in our data, we found that age matters. Millennials are more likely to go out (50%) than baby boomers (38%). While 42% of baby boomers will stay in compared to millennials (32%).

Gifts are also different for different ages, baby boomers are more inclined to buy cards (46%) compared to millennials (28%). Chocolates as gifts are also more popular among baby boomers (32%) compared to millennials (23%). Meanwhile, millennials are buying more personalized gifts (22%) compared to baby boomers (16%).

Why Celebrate?

Some feel like they don’t have a reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but will celebrate because they always have (10%). While others celebrate as a good excuse for a date night (17%) and an overwhelming amount will celebrate to celebrate love (69%).

The Takeaway

While many are choosing to celebrate with their significant others this holiday and purchase gifts for them as well. Data shows that men and women purchase gifts differently, with men more inclined to buy flowers than women. Age also is a factor for behavior this holiday, with millennials more interested in going out than baby boomers.