Vehicle Emissions Survey: Controversy Impacting Entire Industry

Volkswagen has created some controversy as of late, since it was found that the company was dishonest about the emissions for some of its vehicles. Harmful emissions vary with different vehicle brands and models, but it’s something that consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about. Could the recent controversy get even more people concerned about vehicle emissions? And how big of a deal is this issue for car buyers?

vehicle emissions

Vehicle Emissions

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 70% of respondents said that they currently own or lease a personal vehicle. Of those respondents, 47% said that having an eco-friendly vehicle is at least somewhat important to them. 41% said that they look into things like harmful emissions when considering a new vehicle purchase. And 44% even said they would pay slightly more for a vehicle with some eco-friendly features, such as low emissions.

Volkswagen Controversy

Overall, just 44% of respondents said they were already aware of the recent controversy surrounding Volkswagen and its vehicle emissions. 47% said that such dishonesty about emissions would strongly impact their opinion toward the company. 36% said it would somewhat negatively impact their opinion. 12% said it wouldn’t really change. And just 6% said that a controversy like the one Volkswagen is facing would not impact their opinion of an auto company at all.

Vehicle Purchases

Looking forward, 59% said they would be at least somewhat unlikely to purchase a vehicle in the future from a company that was dishonest about something like emissions. But it’s not just Volkswagen that will likely be impacted by this latest controversy. 62% of respondents said this scandal makes them worry that the same issues are likely taking place with some other companies in the industry as well.

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Results were collected on September 22 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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