Virginia Earthquake Survey: Most Americans Not Affected

Yesterday, an earthquake centered in Virginia was felt by people up and down the east coast. Buildings were evacuated and flights were delayed; even a few people were injured, though no serious ones were reported. The 5.8 earthquake was the largest in Virginia’s history.

virginia earthquake

Not Affected

Though the earthquake was felt all the way from South Carolina up to parts of Canada, 80.9% of respondents in Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey didn’t feel a thing. Of those respondents, 60.6% were at least aware of the quake because of news reports, social media or friends and family. Another 32.7% of those who didn’t feel the quake said they are concerned about it happening in their area, but the rest were not worried.

Initial Reactions

The largest earthquake in Virginia’s history didn’t seem to stir up much of a panic. 40.3% of respondents who felt the quake said they felt it but didn’t think much of it. 45.5% said they were a bit scared, and only 14.3% said the quake scared the daylights out of them.

Upon feeling the quake, 24.7% simply went about their business and didn’t really react. 19.5% watched TV for more news. 16.9% called someone, and another 16.9% went outside to talk to neighbors. 10.4% went on Facebook, 6.5% searched Google, and 5.2% chatted with someone online about it. 37.7% were affected in another way – their cell phones stopped getting reception because of the earthquake.

Through the Region

Most people who felt the quake, 54.5%, said that it was a little shaky, but not too scary in their region. 23.4% said it was very mild in their region. 18.2% said it shook pretty hard, and that some things even fell. Just 3.9% said that it was a really hard shake. Because earthquakes are less common on the east coast than they are in the west, 39% said that this was their first earthquake experience, though 61% had felt one before.

Though the earthquake in Virginia was considered large, no serious injuries were reported and many people just continued with their daily lives. Most east coast residents just consider themselves lucky that it wasn’t any worse.

Photo Credit: Virginia/Eastern USA Earthquake, 8.23.11 from Flickr

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