Can’t wait to see you at IIeX 2016 in Atlanta!

June in Atlanta is IIeX season, and we’ll be thrilled to see you there! Tuesday, June 14 at 10am, our COO JD Deitch will be discussing the next wave of automation….

…which will be:

– powering high-quality, defendable business decisions

– delivered via cost-effective, DIY research

– easy to use, yet template-free for maximum flexibility

We’re excited to discuss the implications of this new shift in technology which will further empower researchers!

In other IIeX news: Many market researchers do their best work when they’re caffeinated—and the most innovative researchers deserve innovative caffeine delivery. Here at AYTM, we love anything mobile-optimized (and caffeinated), so we’re big fans of the Nespresso Prodigio with BlueTooth. Enter our raffle at booth #15 during IIeX, and win this ultimate brewing machine, which we’ll ship to you post-conference. Use the Nespresso companion app on your phone to set brew times, monitor inventory, get maintenance alerts, and more. Come by our booth anytime during IIeX and feel the AYTM/mobile/caffeine love!

IIeX NA 2016