Webinars and Conferences You Don’t Want to Miss in 2018

In a constantly evolving industry, market researchers have an obligation to keep up with the pace and stay in the know. The best ways to continue learning, grow in curiosity, innovate and stay current in analytics is to register for industry conferences and webinars. Beyond the learning tools that you will learn, conferences and webinars are an excellent tool for building your network. Here are a few upcoming opportunities that might be worthwhile for you.

Weekly Webinars


Digital Behavioral Data: 3 Easy Ways to Add This New Essential to Your Research

April 17, 2018 at 1PM ET

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This webinar by Luth Research will look into just how essential digital behavioral data is becoming for market research by exploring how passive consumer tracking provides unfiltered truth about the digital life of the consumer. The team at Luth Research will then discuss the benefits of combining digital data with more traditional research and propose three easy ways to add digital to your market research arsenal, effortlessly and with maximum cost efficacy.

They will send attendees on their way with a full picture of why and how the combination of digital and survey research allows for superior accuracy in identifying respondents based on actual behavior, extensive website and app usages that isn’t captured with surveys alone, granular time and behavior sequences, and the oh-so-desirable marketing relevance that market research studies are expected to deliver on.

 Do This Not That: Email Best Practices that Drive Results

April 18, 2018

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Jay Schwedelson, President & CEO Worldata, will lead attendees in exploring what offers gain customers, what techniques are proven to work, and what factors drive strong direct marketing results using email, emerging media and integrated marketing initiatives.

Jay will include insights from actual campaign results- both successes and failures- that used the above techniques. He will teach email marketing tactics that drive long-term value and results, measurable tactics for tapping into interested leads, and integrated marketing initiatives using actual campaign exemplars.

Attendees will walk away knowing what trends are happening in email marketing today – and which actually work moving forward, how to double open rates with a few simple tweaks, what pitfalls to avoid in email marketing, what has replaced content marketing as “king” in today’s omnichannel world, and how this can be leveraged in future campaigns.

Discover a Better, Faster Alternative to SPSS

April 19, 2018 at 12PM ET

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Matt Steele, of the Customer Success team at Q Research Software | Displayr, will tackle a common complaint that market researchers are facing today: your analysis is taking too long.

His team says that if you are using SPSS, your analysis is taking twice as long as it should. Matt will go on to discuss how most market researchers still rely on SPSS and are unfortunately losing too many valuable hours trying to “force this antiquated tool to analyze the type of data it was never made for.”

Matt will help attendees discover how all of their survey analysis and reporting can be done in half the time that it takes in SPSS, by using Q analysis software designed just for market researchers.

How the Talent Marketplace will Transform Market Research

April 26, 2018 at 1PM ET

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Savio is the newly-launched insights talent marketplace by GreenBook. This webinar by the Savio team at GreenBook will explain why they believe so strongly in a marketplace solution, how they built Savio, what they have done during their beta phase, and most importantly, why it matters to you.

Dana Stanley, Product Lead for Savio, will explain how the gap between pure technology and service in the market research industry led to the creation Savio, and why the marketplace model is well-suited to fit the gap.

From there, Laurens van Ovost, International Representative for Savio, will show a demo of the platform, as well as the profile, project, and project management tools within Savio, and then explain the different uses of Savio for those in the industry. Whether you are a buyer, a research supplier, or anyone interested in subcontracting for a particular market research skill – Savio believes they can be useful for all parties.


AYTM, Coming to Conference Near You!

TMRE In Focus

May 7-9, 2018

Chicago, Illinois

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The Market Research Event (TMRE) In Focus will be taking place next month in Chicago, Illinois on May 7-9, 2018. The focus of this event is to explore and learn how to incorporate the latest technologies shaping the insights landscape in the midst of today’s high-tech world. It is the one insights event designed to help market researchers sift through the technological hype and discover exactly how to successfully integrate technology into market research processes.

We are proud that one of our own will be speaking at this event! Make sure and check out our CEO, Lev Mazin’s session on how DIY and automation technology is changing market research (May 7, 12:30PM).

IIeX North America

June 11-13, 2018

Atlanta, Georgia

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The International Insights Exchange (IIeX) claims to be the most innovative, disruptive and client-driven insights event in the world. IIeX North America will be held in Atlanta, Georgia this summer from June 11-13. The event has been designed to introduce market researchers to the new ideas changing the world of insights, as well as connect market researchers with the most future-focused MR professionals from around the world.

The team has put together 3 full days of the industry’s most groundbreaking content, including a roster of 200+ world-class speakers, a matchless community of innovative insights professionals, and cutting-edge technologies they say you’ll have to experience to believe.

AYTM is proud to be a part of this event as well and we hope you’ll come meet us there!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Caroline Brown
A passion for learning and a natural sense of curiosity led Caroline into the marketing research field. She holds a degree from the Terry College of Business, and will soon complete the Master of Marketing Research program at the University of Georgia. When she’s not managing research projects through the MMR program, she can be found at her local hot yoga studio, camped out at a coffee shop with a good book, or planning her next travel adventure."