Winter Storms Survey: More Than Half Prepared for Cold Temps This Week

Winter storms have spread across much of the country this week, with plummeting temperatures and large snow accumulation. People in affected areas have had to miss work, cancel travel plans, and even find alternative heat or shelter. So just how many people have been impacted by these storms? And what measures have they had to take to stay warm?

winter storms

Winter Storms

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 60% of US respondents said that their area has been impacted by winter storms this week. Overall, just 30% said that they live in an area where winter storms are quite common. Another 30% said that winter storms are somewhat common in their area. And 41% said they don’t see many winter storms in their area. Of those who have been impacted by the storms this week, 18% said that winter storms are not common in their area.

Storm Impact

Of those who did experience winter storms this week, 34% said they have had to miss school or work. 27% said they were forced to cancel or change travel plans. 20% have had to find alternative heat or energy sources. And 6% actually had to leave their homes because of winter storms this week. Another 27% said they have been impacted by the winter storms in other ways, such as simply staying in or rescheduling other plans.

Storm Precautions

These storms weren’t exactly a surprise – meteorologists predicted the plummeting temps and snowfall, giving people enough time to make any necessary preparations. So how many people actually took the time to prepare for these storms ahead of time? 55% of those affected by winter storms said they stocked up on some essential items ahead of time. 5% said they prepared in other ways, such as purchasing a generator or covering pipes. And 42% said they didn’t do anything ahead of time to prepare for the winter storms this week.

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Photo Credit: Winter Storm Dion in Hillsborough, New Jersey from Flickr

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Results were collected on January 7 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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