Worker Satisfaction Survey: Full-Time Jobs Still Most Prevalent

Recent studies have shown that even though unemployment numbers may be evening out, traditional full-time employment is still in decline in favor of part time, freelance, and other types of work. How many workers are working these different types of jobs, and how many are satisfied with their current employment?

worker satisfaction

Job Types

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 63% of workers said that they currently have a full-time job. 29% said they work part time. 3% work multiple jobs. 2% work freelance jobs. 1% have temporary jobs. And 2% have other types of employment, such as self-employment. Of those who do not currently have one full-time job, 51% said they would prefer to have a full-time job instead of their current working situation.

Worker Satisfaction

Overall, 30% of workers said they are very happy with their current employment situation. 53% said they are somewhat happy. 11% said they are somewhat unhappy. And 6% said they are very unhappy. Full time workers were not any more likely to say they are happy with their employment than those who work other types of jobs.

Job Hunting

17% of workers said they are actively looking for other employment opportunities. 26% said they are somewhat looking for different jobs. 34% said they aren’t actually job-hunting, but if something came up they would consider it. And just 23% of current workers said they are not looking for other employment opportunities at all.

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Results were collected on August 4 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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