YouTube Series Survey: Not Many YouTube Viewers Have Favorite Channels

A scripted YouTube sitcom called MyMusic just signed on for its second season. Though having traditional sitcoms and shows take place on YouTube is a relatively new concept, the site is trying to promote its official channels with new types of content. So there could potentially be more YouTube series premiering in the future. Are consumers interested in that possibility?

youtube series

YouTube Viewers

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 11% of respondents said they watch YouTube videos multiple times per day. 18% said they watch YouTube videos daily. 22% said they watch YouTube videos a few times per week. 12% said they watch videos on YouTube about once per week. 13% said they only watch YouTube videos every few weeks. 18% said they rarely watch videos on YouTube. And just 6% said they never watch videos on YouTube.

YouTube Channels

YouTube’s funded channel initiative is intended to highlight high-quality channels such as those that contain professional content, celebrities, web series and even more traditional sitcoms and other shows. But not all of those who watch videos on YouTube necessarily subscribe or follow particular channels. 18% of respondents said they have many favorite YouTube channels that they watch regularly. 23% said they have one or two favorite YouTube channels. And 58% of those who watch videos on YouTube said they don’t have any favorite YouTube channels.

YouTube Series

More specifically, just 9% said they have watched sitcoms or other scripted TV series on YouTube. 14% said they definitely would watch scripted TV shows on YouTube. 37% said they probably would. 29% said they probably would not. And 11% said they definitely wouldn’t watch scripted shows on YouTube.

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Results were collected on May 16 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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