Analyzing the Results CREATE YOUR SURVEY

Real Time Results & Mapping

Results flow into your Dashboard immediately and you see them as respondents answer. Not only that, you can see your respondents pinned on a map down to the level of zip code and you can drill down to their demographics and survey answers. Don't worry, we maintain their privacy!

Print Professional Reports

The results of your survey are automatically tabulated and displayed in attractive, customizable charts and graphs. You choose whether or not you want to include the cover page with the full order details, and print with or without charts. If you embedded images into the survey, we will include them here as well.

Export Charts as Images

Every bar and pie chart on your survey statistics results pages can be downloaded in seconds as a JPG, PNG, PDF or SWF. You can easily place the images in any presentation.

Export the Raw Data

We include a robust set of built-in analytical tools. However, we realize that sometimes you want even more flexibility. With this feature you can export and download the raw survey results data to Excel or as CSV to crunch numbers in your favorite software.

Share Results

It's easy to share your insights with your internal team, clients or investors. Your chosen colleagues will receive an email from aytm with a link to view the results just as you see them in your Dashboard. You can also insert the link in your own custom email.

Filter by Traits

We allow retrospective analysis at no additional charge. Even though you may not have chosen any prospective filtering of demographics for your survey, we allow you to retroactively filter your survey results based on demographic traits.

Filter by Answers

You can filter the responses based on the choices respondents made. For instance, you can filter to see all people who answered "Yes" to the first Q and "No" to the fifth, and then see their answers to all the other questions. You can also see the most common patterns of answers for surveys less than 5 Qs.

Choose Chart Type & Colors

You can display results in the chart type you find most useful: pie chart or bar chart. You can also breakdown and display the data based on one or two different demographic parameters. For example, you may want the bars in your bar chart to be segmented based on the gender of the respondents. If you want your data displayed based upon two demographic parameters, the charts can become very enlightening. In addition, we offer several different color options, including one that works for our colorblind users.

Reject Respondents or Give Them Kudos!

All respondents are human beings. At times you may find some open-ended answers that you find unacceptable or you may find them unusually exceptional! For the unacceptable, we allow you to reject up to 5% of the respondents within 7 days after survey completion; they will be removed from your survey and replaced with new respondents for no additional charge. For the responses you find exceptional, you may choose to hit the "kudos" button. This informs us to give the respondent a pat on the back with a special email from us saying "job well done".

Embeddable Blog Widget

Grab a free sleek widget to publish quick stats of your survey on your blog or web page. You'll be able to flexibly adjust the width to fit the layout of your page, and maintain the same colors and chart type that you chose on the main report page. You can allow access to the full stats page, if you feel generous, or you can disable it. In any case, the visitors of your page will be able to click through the questions and see the stats just as we collected them for you.