Powerful Marketing Research Is Now Within Reach.
Make Business Decisions With Greater Confidence And See Significant Improvements To Your Sales, Profits And Return On Investment.

How you do you know you've made the right business decision? Do you wait until the investment is made and then hope for the best? Or are you taking steps to minimize risk and maximize your prospects for success?

Now, AYTM's revolutionary approach to understanding consumer insight makes the case for using marketing research more compelling than ever. No longer is research a luxury, limited to Fortune 500 companies with million-dollar budgets. Now you can access the voice of your target market directly, easily, quickly and affordably, so that you can make sounder, more profitable business decisions.

Every working day you're faced with a myriad of complex financial decisions to make. Identifying and prioritizing which products, services, new concepts and marketing messages that will keep your business growing in the long-term is a constant challenge. What are the new ideas and customer communications that will drive your business forward?

How should your company invest its money? Which ideas are most appealing to your target? How should those ideas be communicated to the rest of your team? How much are they willing to spend? As much as everyone says they love our new ad campaign, will it really drive sales?

The instincts and "gut-based" ideas of talented people should always be considered. However, there is no question that fact-based decisions, those rooted in a deep understanding of your target market, will increase your odds of success considerably. When your target's reactions to specific questions regarding your potential investments in new products, packaging, advertising, service offerings or other initiatives are researched and measured quantitatively, risk and uncertainty are diminished, and positive outcomes – those resulting in a higher return on investment – are optimized.

AYTM provides you with the capability to quickly and easily conduct professional quantitative surveys so that you can make better business decisions. It's an intuitive, turnkey system that lets you get it done yourself.

The elegant, easy-to-use interface helps you define your sample, based on your target market, and then guides you through the creation of your questionnaire. Once your survey is posted, you start to see results in your Dashboard in real time, within minutes.

Most of our surveys are completed within 24 hours. You get projectable data that is impeccably organized and easy to grasp. You will also have the ability to drill down and cross-tabulate results.

AYTM's built-in charts and graphs allow you to easily customize attractive, professional presentations and reports to clearly articulate what consumers are telling you.

And it's an incredibly affordable value! AYTM's cutting-edge software and built-in, nationwide panel of consumers eliminates the need to hire outside research companies, buy access to expensive consumer research panels, or be a statistician or research expert.