Theory Is Good. Practice Is Better. Give Your Students The Sophisticated, Hands-On Marketing Research That Will Bring Your Lessons To Life.

The marketing education you provide is invaluable to your students. Your curriculum and the mentoring you provide enlighten and inspire. You want your students to apply what they learn beyond the classroom, but practical considerations such as time and access to outside resources are always obstacles.

Now, it's easy to let your marketing students put your teaching to work in the real world. AYTM provides your students with the capability to conduct truly impressive quantitative surveys with our nationwide consumer panel. Your students are able to move well beyond the localized, "mother-in-law" type research to conduct studies that are statistically significant and projectable on a nationwide basis.

AYTM's elegant, easy-to-use interface helps them define the research sample and guides them through the creation of the questionnaire. Our turnkey system makes it simple to employ skip logic, and enables them to embellish their surveys with graphics and video.

Once surveys have been posted, results can start to be seen on the AYTM Dashboard, in real time, within minutes.

Most of our surveys are complete within 24 hours. Students receive projectable data that is impeccably organized and easy to grasp. They will also have the ability to drill down and cross-tabulate results.

AYTM's built-in charts and graphs allow them to easily customize attractive, professional presentations and reports to clearly articulate what consumers are telling them.

And, it will fit within your budget.

AYTM is partnering with business schools, and advertising and marketing research programs across the United States. Our built-in consumer panel and cutting-edge technology already allows us to offer a pricing structure to our corporate customers that's significantly below the traditional cost of online quantitative research. Our commitment to marketing research education motivates us to make AYTM's sophisticated online research tools available to your students for a fraction of that cost.