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The Essential Primer on Do-It-Yourself Market Research:

Learn How to Write Great Surveys.

No matter what size business you have, market research is a tool that can save you money, reduce risks and uncover new opportunities. Traditional market research can be expensive, difficult to access, and take weeks or months from start to finish. Fortunately, newer technologies empower any business owner, entrepreneur or consultant to take the do-it-yourself path and perform quality market research that yields actionable results leading to better business decisions. But, before you DIY, it is useful to understand the basic how-to for performing quality research. This white paper will provide you with the essentials and set you on the road to creating quality studies.

How to Make Market Research a Value-Added Service and Profit Center at Your Agency.

The data-centric approach to advertising, marketing, branding, design and communications has become standard practice, and is expected by business clients in the information age. The ability to measure and validate your creative work before it is deployed into the world mitigates risk for your clients and can even help them discover new opportunities. By offering market research as an essential part of your platform of services, your boutique agency can rise to the standards expected at even the largest of agencies.
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Market Research 101 for Startups:

Essential practices for avoiding the dead pool.

Market research is a fundamental tool for making smarter business decisions. Until recently, the costs and lack of access placed it out of reach for startups and small businesses. Besides price and access issues, traditional market research is too slow a process for startups. Startups require rapid feedback mechanisms in order to use their agility as an advantage larger competitors.
Without agility, startups have no chance for survival. For startups, market research offers the opportunity to validate their ideas before expending capital and human resources and build a product or that lacks a market. But, market research is not just for initial validation. It should be utilized throughout the life of the business to help guide strategic and tactical decisions.