Why Companies Choose Ask Your Target Market for Their Market Research

Easy and Intuitive

AYTM's intuitive, easy-to-use interface makes it easy to write a survey and define your research sample by their demographics and psychographics. The software guides you every step of the way.

Selecting your sample by drilling down to a target such as "Women, 21-34, who are employed, live in California and buy frozen snacks", is as simple as pointing and clicking with our drop-down menus.

It's just as easy to create a sophisticated survey by moving questions around and adding skip logic when needed.

You don't need to be a research expert when you use AYTM, because everything is explained in plain, straightforward language.

Want to enhance your questionnaire with images and video? That's easy, too. AYTM gives you the ability to build professional quality surveys without being a programmer or computer whiz.

Once you finalize and launch your survey to our built-in consumer panel, AYTM's Dashboard gives you fast and easy access to the survey status and results in the blink of an eye.


Like instant gratification? As soon as your survey is launched, research results are displayed in real time as respondents answer questions. And you don't have to wait long for your survey to finish, as most AYTM surveys are completed within 24 hours.

Identify a survey topic or test a new idea, then launch your survey questions using AYTM on Monday, and get results and start putting your plans into action on Tuesday.

Actionable Insights & Results

AYTM delivers clear results – in a way you can understand and easily put to use. More than tables and reams of data, we provide you with the tools to discover the real insight in your data.

Results of your survey are automatically tabulated and displayed in attractive, customizable charts and graphs.

AYTM also makes it easy to take your data analysis to the next level. You can slice and dice the data, apply retrospective filters, see the correlation between answers, change chart types and color themes, and export raw data to Excel spreadsheets.

When it's all done, our printing options allow you to create attractive reports to communicate your insights to your internal team, clients or investors. We also enable you to link to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter should you like to share your reports in those forums.

Professional, Accurate & Reliable

AYTM has developed proprietary approaches to ensure that your insights are highly accurate, reliable and trustworthy.

Our TrustScoreSM system tests panel members repeatedly for veracity, and provides incentives for them to be candid and honest.

Affordable & Flexible

AYTM's proprietary, built-in consumer panel and cutting-edge technology combine to make surveys incredibly affordable. Our surveys are always a fraction of the cost of other traditional and online research options.

While competitive online panel companies charge in the range of $3 to $9 per respondent, the cost per respondent of AYTM surveys begins at only 95 cents.

We also provide the option of using your own lists with our new ListSurveys. This allows you to survey your existing customers or other pre-screened respondents independently, and you can even compare their responses with your target segment of AYTM's own consumer panel. The ListSurvey also enables you to customize surveys with your logo, tag line, and color palette. Use our theme editor to choose one of 20 backgrounds, or upload your own to make it look like something your survey takers would expect to see coming from you.