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Xpert: Monadic price

Starts at $5,200 Set up in minutes

Want to figure out the perfect price for your product or service? You're in luck! Now you can share a sneak peek of your idea—along with the prices you're considering—and we'll help you uncover the sweet spot for the optimal price point.

What you'll get
This Xpert Solution lets you test 4–10 products at different price points to understand the best price for your product. Unlock the secrets to pricing success with these powerful and informative offerings:
  • Optimal price points
    We'll help you discover the ideal prices for your product or service by providing you with insightful summaries and eye-catching visualizations. You'll gain a deeper understanding of purchase likelihood, how often people will buy, and how to maximize both your revenue and profits.
  • Summary table
    No need to sift through piles of data—we've got you covered with a handy summary table that neatly presents all the essential metrics for each tested price point.
  • Downloadable deliverables
    Take your findings with you wherever you go. With the option to download a pre-filled .PPTX presentation, an Excel summary of your results, or access to your raw data in various file formats, you'll have everything you need to make informed decisions at your fingertips.
Key metrics
This Xpert Solution comes with pre-built, automated reporting for more efficient analysis. Here are the key metrics you can expect to examine for the most relevant results.
  • Purchase probability
  • Revenue curves
  • Optional metrics:
    • Purchase frequency
    • Profits curve
    • Expected price

In this traditional monadic price testing method, we show respondents your product idea and ask them if they'd buy it at a random price pulled from a predetermined list. We also give them the opportunity to rate the product's features before or after saying if they'd buy it.

We then use their responses and some math (logistic regression) to create a curve that shows how much money you'd make at different prices. We can enhance this curve by asking how often respondents would buy your product.

This solution also lets you figure out how much profit you'd make by considering how much it costs to make your product. It will then compare the prices that make you the most profits to decide which price point is best for your business.

Note: Right now, this method works only with dollars ($.__).