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Innovations can take place in a couple of different ways: Some are so smooth and gentle that you won’t even notice them make your life easier, others are so big, there’s not yet a place for it in our platform. We believe innovation is something that happens continuously. And at aytm, we take new ideas to production every week.

Before October 2009, when aytm launched a beta version of our platform, market research was fundamentally inaccessible to smaller firms. Sure, you could send surveys to your friends, but there were no survey platforms with a built-in sample. It was nearly impossible to pierce your social bubble and reach people outside of it. 

When aytm started presenting at conferences, it showed the industry a new way to conduct research. Each year, we presented something that was new and unheard of. We invented deep profiling, asking thousands of questions continuously in order to keep respondents engaged, figure out baselines, and add a linguistic-based quality assurance layer. We continued to push the industry forward, automating MaxDiff, Conjoint, Perceptual mapping, shelf test and more.

Today, we’re successful because our competitors are just now figuring out things that we figured out three or four years ago. We look deeply at everything. We aim to liberate our clients, allowing them to think outside of the constraints that hold them back.  

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A person in a space suit looks through a glowing portal

Our Innovation Lab is more than a community, it’s a movement. Do you want to join a group that leads the market research industry towards new horizons? Would you love to be among the first to get your hands and eyes on the latest research technology? We’d love to have you. Share in the experience and partner with us to make the next big thing the greatest it can be.