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Looking for a deeper understanding of your health and wellness consumers? Our automated insights platform, advanced research tests, and flexible services allow you to design, launch, and analyze simple and sophisticated studies with ease. We’re here to help you take the pulse of your consumer, make informed decisions, and stay on budget and ahead of your competition.

Transform your health and wellness research

Understand customer preferences

with offering prioritization

Illuminate the path to purchase

and learn more about your shoppers

Test and validate your ads

with images and video questions

Gain insights into brand awareness

with brand perception tests

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The health and wellness industry is vast and dynamic. We know, because we’ve lived in your world and we understand the landscape. That’s why we’re qualified to partner with brands just like yours, designing research that provides actionable insights and empowers more informed decisions.

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Because of our deep expertise in both entertainment and research, we want you to think of us as more than just tech support—we’re here to partner and consult with you. Some of the ways we can help include:

Survey Design

Sample sourcing

Data analysis

Expert Consultation

Personalized Support

Satisfy your curiosity with aytm

Looking to streamline your research process? Our automated platform connects you with your consumers to deliver fast, reliable insights. We’ve made it a breeze to design, launch, and analyze your studies—and by partnering with our experts, we can help you scale your success and focus on what really matters: making informed decisions based on consumer insights.

I find the analysis with aytm very easy to go through and glean insights out of the data, so I’m really grateful for that. It didn’t take me long at all to look through the results and pull out my highlights and key points

Bonni Kaplan DeWoskin


Chief Marketer
aytm’s definition of a caregiver aligned perfectly with ours. The platform had all of that built in so I could drag and drop, choose from a dropdown select, and it was all built out for us.

Claire Powell


Senior Marketing Associate