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As an agency professional, you know the importance of creating effective media plans that reach your target audience and deliver results. But how do you measure the success of your media investments and make informed decisions about future campaigns? Let us show you.

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We're experts in marketing research and insights

We know what it feels like in your position because we’ve lived in the agency world too. So we’re qualified to partner with agencies just like yours, designing research that provides actionable insights and empowers more informed decisions for you and your clients.

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partner in research

Because of our deep expertise in both entertainment and research, we want you to think of us as more than just tech support—we’re here to partner and consult with you. Some of the ways we can help include:

Survey Design

Sample sourcing

Data analysis

Expert Consultation

Personalized Support

Satisfy your curiosity with aytm

Looking to streamline your research process? Our automated platform connects you with your consumers to deliver fast, reliable insights. We’ve made it a breeze to design, launch, and analyze your studies—and by partnering with our experts, we can help you scale your success and focus on what really matters: making informed decisions based on consumer insights.

This was an involved project with a lot of milestones. And aytm is a partner that we can trust to hit timelines, ensure the rest of the project stays on track, and keep us updated on progress throughout fielding. We were even able to get help with fielding support over the weekend in order to fill the survey on time.”

Bianca Chaer


The market research validated some of our hypotheses, but we were surprised by a few things too. We were able to use those insights to make some changes and some pivots in our plan. To have that information at your fingertips when you’re making decisions and just want to have some sort of data to validate the direction that you’re going and the ability to do that through aytm, and affordably as well, I think has been game-changing.

Lisa Kuduis


VP of Marketing and Innovation