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At aytm, our goal is not only to build the best possible ecosystem for clients but to nurture the next generation of research experts. We seek to build partnerships with organizations that share our curiosity, creativity, and dedication to advancing the possibilities of market research.

Agency partners

Looking for a partner to support agency growth? We’re all about empowering better market research for your clients. Surveys are easy to design, our data is clean, and our automated insights dashboard allows you to discover actionable insights with fewer resources. Partner with aytm and deliver impressive insights and attractive reports—all customized for your brand and your clients.

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Education partners

Does your institution have an MMR program? Are you interested in bringing on a new tool to support your curriculum? We offer colleges and universities free use of our platform and access to our services. Your students are the future of market research. By partnering with aytm, they can run full projects, learning the ins and outs of consumer insights automation and technology with the help of our powerful tools.

Technology partners

Fellow innovators! Does your tech empower clients and solve research challenges? Let’s work together. We’re always on the lookout for partners who want to integrate or join forces to deliver more for clients.

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Panel partners

Do you share our high standards for data quality? Do you have a unique specialty panel? We’re interested in hearing about it! Let’s talk about how we can work together to grow access and reliability for clients.