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Satisfy your curiosity with aytm

Looking to streamline your research process? Our automated platform connects you with your consumers to deliver fast, reliable insights. We’ve made it a breeze to design, launch, and analyze your studies—and by partnering with our experts, we can help you scale your success and focus on what really matters: making informed decisions based on consumer insights.

What I like about the aytm solution in the context of an innovation sprint is the speed at which we can get quantitative results. The quality was perfect for what we needed, and the investment was appropriate for the decisions we were trying to make.


Global Customer & Consumer Insights Manager
Aside from the color, that was one of the biggest insights we've gotten on this pillar in a while. So it was really insightful, and I'm glad we were able to do both in the same survey—some platforms aren’t made to do both so it was nice that we could add those questions and get that learning.

Michele Royster


Research Manager