Integrated sample engine

We found your audience in a crowd of millions

Search no further; your audience is here and ready to share. Through aytm’s integrated proprietary and partner panels, our platform allows you to connect with 100+ million consumers globally who are eager to give their time and provide you with insights.

Access a world of
consumer insights

It’s a big world out there. At aytm, we empower users to explore consumer preferences across 48 countries and counting. We leverage advanced automation to enhance audience segmentation—allowing you to pinpoint, discover, and learn from your target audiences as they evolve over time.

We only partner
with the best

Working with providers that don’t prioritize data quality is only going to waste your time. In order to reach the vast and varied needs of our clients, aytm only partners with forward-thinking panel affiliates. And as a part of our ongoing quality assurance, we quality test our partner panels to ensure top performance before we plug them in.

A panel made of people
willing to share is a proprietary panel designed, built, and managed by aytm since 2011. We receive the highest panel ratings from respondents around the world and are ranked #1 by PaidViewpoint does not participate in any external marketplaces, meaning our respondents are exclusively available to aytm clients. Because it’s more than just a data connection, it’s a nurtured community.

School of small fish swimming together

3,000+ panel

We exclusively profile our panelists to enable relevant and speedy sample selection. Our meticulous and up-to-date profiling questionnaires cover 3,000+ psychographic and personality traits offering superior survey targeting.

Specialty panels
for unique needs

Looking to reach out to a target market that goes beyond the general population? No problem. We have specialized audiences and comprehensive services just for you.

Specialized panels

Executive studies his tablet in a sunlit office

Senior management
(C-suite executives at SMBs or large corporations)

Field-specific panels (e.g. IT decision-makers)

Healthcare panel (nurses, doctors)

And more!

Specialized services

Group of stakeholders meeting in person

Qualitative recruiting
(i.e. In-depth interviews)

Market sizing


And more!

Access the right
sample with ease

You deserve to be in control of your sample without hours of back-and-forth. We’ve built a user-friendly sample interface that helps you understand the cost, complexity, and length of interview—all while providing you with much-needed transparency. Looking for speed and confidence, strength and simplicity? Our predictive sample engine delivers it all.

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Real-time pricing

Understand your sample as you build it. Our dynamic, real-time pricing estimator updates according to how you design your sample, so you always stay within your budget.

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Instant feedback

Our Sample Complexity Meter gives you instant feedback on your target market availability, demand, and turnaround time as you add your questions or change features.

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Precise targeting

We can find almost any audience. Target all the standard demographics and choose from over 3,000 psychographic traits—or write your own screener questions. 

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Balance by quota

You need data that mirrors the audience you’re interested in. Our sample engine lets you balance by up to two nested and six non-nested demographic quotas groups.

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Data Centrifuge

Quickly spin up insights you can trust

Clean data boosts confidence, streamlines research, and delivers more actionable insights. Data centrifuge is aytm’s automated process for ensuring you spend less time quality-checking responses and more time exploring your findings.

Quality is not a compromise

Data Centrifuge run survey responses through powerful data quality checks using automated tools to identify, assess, and remove abnormalities against a series of vectors, including:

  • Response patterns
  • Open-ended and Image Response analysis
  • Speeding and Straight-lining
  • And more!
Various icons surround and connect to a pool of data points

Once you’ve found your sample, it’s time for our agile survey editor to take center stage.