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Insights Portal


Do you have an aytm Max license? Get the newest add-on product to supercharge your survey analysis. Insights Portal is a new way of connecting your survey data—streamlining analysis by allowing you to directly compare data points from different studies. There are two key Insights Portal offerings:

Concept Portal

  • Customize your core concept evaluation criteria and compare stats  from different surveys
  • Compare data from any past surveys and tailor your analysis to specific attributes or scales

Tracker Portal

  • Analyze longitudinal data from tracker surveys with intuitive filtering and visualization options
  • Visualize data dynamically, break down waves by custom subgroups  or demographics, and easily share distilled  data with stakeholders

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Looking for something special? We also build fully customized plans for partnerships with more vast and unique needs—especially those looking for advanced enterprise or fully integrated education solutions.


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Join the list of prestigious institutions sponsored by aytm. Give students access to the industry’s best tools for research automation.

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