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Satisfy your curiosity and master your insights

Our platform does it all. Find and segment your audience, design advanced and comprehensive surveys, and collect and organize your findings to advance your ideas. Full lifecycle insights have never been more accessible.

It’s more than a panel, it’s your superpower

Our predictive consumer sample engine can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.  With aytm, you gain access to a well-respected community of over 100 million respondents across the globe—and our tech gives you the ability to target the ones that matter to you most.

  • #1 rated proprietary panel, PaidViewpoint
  • Target by demographics, psychographics, and behavioral attributes
  • Balance by quota
  • Real-time LOI and IR predictions
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Survey design has
never been easier

Introducing the most intuitive and robust survey authoring tool. With quant and qual combined, built-in best practices, and pre-built logic, our technology can anticipate your needs—no complex scripting necessary.

  • State-of-the-art question types
  • Advanced research test automations
  • Your teams, tools, and templates—all in one place

Get actionable
insights in real time

You’re here to tell a story—we can help empower you to tell it faster. Our interactive reporting page lets you leverage powerful insights with stunning data visualizations right away. This intuitive dashboard even allows you to slice and dice your data as it comes in.

  • Get charts, data visualizations, heatmaps, and more
  • Export data in a variety of formats, from raw data SPSS, Excel,  PPT, and more
  • Run Banner Tables (crosstabs) and significance testing
  • Filter by traits, answers, and more

Become a certified researcher

Conquer any challenge in the field

When you take these courses, not only will you be more confident in your MaxDiff capabilities, but you’ll feel more confident in running them on your own within aytm. You’ll also be able to attach a new certification badge directly to your LinkedIn profile to show that you’re an expert in this research test method – in or out of aytm.

Now that you understand how our platform works, learn all the different ways aytm can help empower your research.