The #1 SURVEY site year after year

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Why is aytm’s proprietary online consumer panel one of the top survey sites out there? We make things easy to understand and remain transparent about compensation. The respect and integrity we bring to our sample are reflected in our data quality.

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Give people respect, they’ll give you honesty

We respect our panelists by setting limits on questions, answers, and characters. Many researchers love to cram endless information and questions into their studies, but by doing that they bore the people taking their surveys and end up getting compromised data in return. Respondents can comfortably answer any aytm survey in less than 10 minutes without speeding through, giving your study the full attention and candor your research deserves.

The first survey panel with a trust score

We’ve gained a lot of love by treating PaidViewpoint panelists with empathy and respect. At the same time, we’ve built-in a unique system called TrustScore that rewards individuals for their honesty and candor. When you launch general population surveys on aytm, they’ll typically be answered solely by our proprietary panelists, often completing within hours of fielding and delivering the most trustworthy data you’ll find anywhere.

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We're always working to serve you better

We're constantly working to build, diversify, and maintain the trustworthiness of our panel—just like our competitors. But unlike our competitors, we also make advanced market research easy, and our customer support is always happy to answer your questions via email, phone, and chat. No gatekeepers, no limits.