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Our approach to panel

Community over commodity, always

We noticed that so many of our competitors were talking about consumer research panels like a commodity—but we place our focus on the people that make it all happen. To us, it’s less about a research commodity and more about creating a community. That’s why aytm prioritizes quality data by nurturing a community of individuals, not a pool of respondents.

Quality experiences mean quality data

When it comes to gathering preferences and behaviors, we understand that people have needs. That’s why we don’t overburden or give false incentivization—we make the experience short, simple, fun, and rewarding. By showing people we care, they continue to deliver top-quality responses for our clients.

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Our Proprietary consumer research Panel

We receive the highest panel ratings from respondents around the world and are ranked #1 by SurveyPolice.com. PaidViewpoint does not participate in any external marketplaces, meaning our respondents are exclusively available to aytm clients. Because it’s more than just a data connection, it’s a nurtured community.

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100 million strong

Because our partners share our care

We approach working with panel partners in a completely different way. Our blended sample partners approach the respondent experience with the same standard of care—reaching 100 million individuals who are willing to give their thoughts and preferences. And you can be sure you’re accessing a well-nurtured audience with our integrated sample engine.

Our preferred
panel partners

Occasionally, we need to supplement our PaidViewpoint sample with preferred panel partners. All of our panel partners go through a strict vetting process, identifying those who adhere to the highest quality standard and respondent management processes. We run test projects, validate sample data, and compare them to our own panel data. Panels selected from preferred partners follow our guidelines for each and every project commissioned and undergo performance reviews on a monthly basis.

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