Whether you’re looking for a robust consumer insights platform or an experienced partner, aytm has the technology and the people you need to tap into consumer voice, collect actionable insights, and advance your market research initiatives.

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Research success requires purpose-built solutions that can meet you in the moment. The experts at aytm are constantly expanding our library of automated templates—all designed to empower faster, actionable insights at every stage of your research.

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With our insights TECHNOLOGY platform

Access a global audience of over 100 million respondents, a predictive sample engine, an agile survey authoring tool, and a real-time reporting and analysis dashboard—all in one platform. Click here to learn more about our survey platform.

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Find and segment your audience with precision

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Design comprehensive surveys with ease

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Discover powerful, actionable insights

Our proprietary consumer panel


Quality data comes from quality respondents. So we curated our own proprietary panel, PaidViewpoint, where we treat our respondents with the utmost respect. In return, they’ll deliver the high-quality data you’re looking for. We’ve continued to organically grow our community solely through the recruiting power of our happy respondents. And they continue to rank  PaidViewpoint the #1 survey-taking site through organizations like SurveyPolice.

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AND introduce us to your team

Our insights technology can transform the way your team approaches their research initiatives—providing fast, actionable insights that lead to better decisions for your business. We’re not out here offering a one-size-fits-all option—we’re trying to scale your success.

Innovate within your industry

Let’s build it better, together

Our in-house experts can deliver more value to your research initiatives. Why? Because we know your industry and we understand your needs. With aytm, you don’t have to restart from square one–there’s a good chance we’ve sat in your role previously. Oh, and we’re also aces on our platform.

Flexible services with a consultative mindset

Meet your new strategic partner

The world of consumer insights is vast and ever-changing. We’re here to help you navigate.  Not only can we deliver full service and support for all of your research needs, we can also work with your team to empower more agile and iterative processes. So whether you need a partner to chart a course or one that will help you sail on your own, our research experts are here to help you propel your business forward.

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The age of consumer insights technology is here, and aytm is committed to helping you achieve more in it. We offer tons of resources to guide you throughout your journey. Sign up for free, choose a self-paced course, and learn from leaders who can help take your research, design, and analysis skills to the next level.

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