PaidViewpoint, aytm's proprietary consumer panel, unveils new brand and website

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Posted Apr 02, 2024
Tiffany Mullin

aytm (Ask Your Target Market), the leading agile consumer insights platform for some of the world's most notable brands, creative agencies, and marketing consultancies, is thrilled to announce the rebrand of their highly rated panel, PaidViewpoint. 

PaidViewpoint is a proprietary consumer panel, designed, built, and managed by aytm since 2011 and exclusively available to aytm clients. Rated as a top panel for nearly a decade and the #1 rated panel of the 2020s by SurveyPolice, PaidViewpoint treats respondents with the utmost respect—ensuring they’re fairly compensated for every survey they take.

As one PaidViewpoint participant said in a recent SurveyPolice review, “I am incredibly grateful for the rewarding opportunities provided by PaidViewpoint. Each time I receive a survey in my email, I am filled with excitement.” 

Integral to aytm, PaidViewpoint is a proprietary panel launched in 2011. It is the only panel with a trust score, over three thousand attributes, and has been a top-rated panel by SurveyPolice for nine years in a row. Through a combination of PaidViewpoint and a collection of external panel partners, aytm enables researchers to reach more than 100 million consumers globally. This year, aytm focused on revamping PaidViewpoint to ensure the panelists and researchers are empowered to reach new heights.

“The new vibrant PaidViewpoint branding better reflects our commitment to curiosity, empathy, and individuality,” says Lev Mazin, CEO of aytm. “We believe in celebrating the things that make each of us unique. It’s a living ecosystem: when engaged panel members  share their honest opinions it leads to higher quality  data for our researchers, and in turn, results in more informed, consumer-centric decisions based on authentic insights.”

Let’s go through the changes and what they’ll mean for PaidViewpoint users:

  • The new look and feel of the PaidViewpoint brand reflect aytm’s commitment to providing an engaging survey-taking experience. Users will notice a fresh logo, updated colors, and an overall modernized design.
  • An updated website and mobile app will make it even easier for users to navigate the process of taking surveys, tracking progress, managing their privacy, being fairly compensated for their efforts, and cashing out.
  • User traits have been updated to encompass a wider range of traits internationally, enabling them to show who they truly are and create more opportunities for targeted surveys.

The PaidViewpoint commitment promises to remain the same: To empower panelists to share their viewpoints, engage with ideas, and influence the latest products and services.

aytm is committed to constantly improving all aspects of consumer research—both for researchers and respondents.  Not only does this update improve the panel experience for survey-takers which will have a positive impact on survey data quality, but it also allows researchers to reach more diverse populations and cultures, enriching the panel with a wider range of demographics and insights.

To see the PaidViewpoint rebrand for yourself, visit 

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