Consumer insights solutions

Empowering research at any stage and ON any scale

Our solutions marketplace and flexible research services are designed to help you advance your ideas. And with the help of our team and a wide selection of expert-built consumer insights solutions, you can tap into just about everything you need along the way.


Take a data-driven approach to turn your good idea into a great idea. We can help you develop your product from idea validation and feature generation all the way to purchase intent.

  • Concept testing
  • Feature prioritization
  • Product naming
  • And more…


What’s it like out there? We can help you pull powerful insights on the consumer landscape and the competitive landscape, so you can have a comprehensive understanding of what to expect.

  • Competitive analysis
  • Segmentation
  • Need gap analysis
  • And more…


What happens in the moments before your customers make a decision? We can shed some light on the shopping experience itself to understand what factors influence their purchase decisions.

  • Path to purchase and customer journey
  • Shopper insights
  • Product attitudes and usage
  • And more…

Brand insights

Let’s focus on your brand to discover hidden customer perceptions and develop your portfolio. Insights from aytm can help you improve your brand’s reputation, strengthen equity, and drive growth.

  • Brand health
  • Brand tracking
  • Brand identity
  • And more…

and messaging

Perfect your advertising and test creative elements with confidence. We can help you uncover data that validates the convincing claims for your product and reveal how your words resonate with consumers.

  • Pre-launch ad testing
  • Claims and message testing
  • Ad effectiveness
  • And more…

Business strategy

Explore your business objectives at large. From revenue-related items to research that may inform mission and vision—from shifting markets to rebrands and beyond, we’ve got your back.

  • Pricing researching
  • Line/Portfolio optimization
  • SWOT analysis
  • And more…
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Xpert Solutions

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Want to achieve better quality and consistency in your studies? Our flexible, guided research tests were developed by experts to minimize manual effort and allow all insight seekers to run advanced research studies. These solutions are built utilizing proven best practices to make it easy to build concept tests, product claims, conjoint, and more—all with an easy-to-use,  plug-and-play interface that can be customized to fit your unique research environment.

We can even help you fully automate your custom preferred studies.

Qualitative solutions

aytm’s platform provides clients the ability to ask open-end questions (along with sentiment analysis) as well as the opportunity for respondents to upload images/videos in response to a question.  We also offer a variety of qualitative capabilities through our partners (including online focus groups, bulletin boards, real-time chat, etc).

We can even help you fully automate your custom preferred studies.

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There are many ways to conduct research, let the experts at aytm help you find yours.