Flexible research services


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We’re here to partner and consult with you, not just serve you tech. Members of our service team have worked with brands just like yours—we understand and empathize with your needs.

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We have a world
of experience

Leverage our team’s vast experience conducting qualitative and quantitative market research—covering a range of industries including CPG, finance, technology, retail, and media—across both B2B and B2C audiences. You could say we have a particular passion and focus on advanced analytics with deep experience in conjoint, segmentation, drivers analysis, and more.

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Assisted services

When your research ideas could benefit from some guidance, or your bandwidth doesn’t fully allow for a DIY approach, we are here to assist. We can lend support to get your survey on track—from review and optimization to programming and quality checking.

Full services

When you prefer to leave it all to us, aytm offers a white glove service to fully execute the study—from research and questionnaire design to full analysis and insights reporting. Our experts are eager to understand your goals and challenges. You can even plug and play with these services as you like, and build a package that fits your unique needs.

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more agile

Gain access to insights early and often by taking a more iterative approach to research and leveraging automation to save time. Between our Research and Client Success teams, our experts can help stay agile, lending research support on:

  • Platform onboarding
  • Methodology consulting
  • Questionnaire design
  • Survey programming
  • Field management
  • Analysis and insights reporting

Ready to jump in on your own?