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Survey analysis that drives decision-making

You have a story to tell—you need every tool at your disposal to effectively make and validate your decisions. Our automated survey analysis dashboard is where dynamic survey data becomes real-time insights—it’s where the answers you seek and stories you tell come to life.

Survey data visualizations

Seeing Is Believing

After fielding your survey, you’ll want to show off your findings. Our dashboard delivers instant analysis, custom charts, and a powerful toolset for customizing your data visualizations.

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Chart views

Leverage visuals to tell the story of your findings. Visualize your data with pie charts, column charts, percent column charts, bar charts, and percent bar charts.

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Word clouds

Get an understanding of what’s being said in your surveys.  Explore open-ended answers, combo box, and cascade answers in an interactive word cloud.

Mosaic of bar charts combine in a heart shape
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Heat map overlayed on an outline of cats and dogs


View responses in aggregate using heatmap, coldmap, overlay, pin view and more to understand what consumers focus on, like, and dislike about your product or ad.

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Topography visualization

Compare consumers’ perceptions—including perceived similarities and differentiating attributes—in aggregate, as well as individually by each attribute.

Illustration of multi-axis plot representing Competitive Topology
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Illustration of ,multicolored bars represent MaxDiff output


Compare performance of the items you tested—product features, messages, variants, etc.—using the MaxDiff metric of your choice.

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Conjoint simulator

Compare product profiles in a head-to-head fashion using the preference share metric, or populate custom combinations for your report.

Illustration of colored Conjoint cells on a chart
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Get advanced analysis
in real time

From the moment your survey launches, you’re able to see the results as they come in. Now you don’t have to wait for it to complete before you start building insights with our advanced data analysis tools.

From the moment your survey has launched, you’re able to see the results as they come in. Now you don’t have to wait for it to complete before you start building insights with our advanced data analysis tools.

Banner tables
(CROSSTAB Analysis)

Uncover correlations among demographic traits and other key questions in your dataset.

Gain a quick and accurate look into what matters. Dig deeper into promising areas, check hypotheses, and discover unexpected insights.

Adjust the primary and secondary confidence levels and download raw numbers.

Real time
Significance testing

Quickly see if answers are statistically significantly different from each other as soon as you have reached your total sample.

View results in a bar chart that can be exported and shared.

Use this feature for Radio Button, Checkbox, and at the sub-question level for Matrix question types including Star and Smiley ratings.


Maximize market reach using TURF to identify the combination of items that appeals to the widest audience.

Gain added visibility into consumer choices to efficiently streamline product lines, build messaging campaigns, and more.

Download TURF simulator report with MaxDiff, checkboxes, sliders, stars, smileys, progressive matrix (single choice), and virtual questions.

Data lab and
Virtual questions

Data Lab allows you to step beyond the survey structure as it was fielded by adding Virtual Questions.

Aggregate responses given on the same or different survey questions, create custom demographic splits, combine top two boxes, and more.

View data combined by questions, filter, export, and use them with crosstabs or significance testing.

Automation can also be leveraged within Virtual Questions to compare metrics across different legs.

View customer

Get to know your target audience and understand what your respondents have in common.

Our Personality Radar helps you identify psychographic and media usage trends among your target audience in relation to the
answers given.

It allows you to see similar interests and how
they relate to or affect respondents’ likelihood
to answer questions.


Compare concepts on a variety of attributes with pairwise significance testing and indexing.

Rapidly test, validate, and identify your best concepts all in one place.

Drag and drop to choose from custom set-up or pre-defined groups automatically picked for you.


Streamline the process of connecting survey data and analyzing results between multiple different surveys.

Visualize your tracker data in a dynamic way and bring in longitudinal data from tracker surveys more intuitively.

Get your data imported, establish your own benchmarks, and compare results between specific types of surveys.

Abstract representation of visualized data

Customize and share your findings

Our dashboard gives you the ability to provide project stakeholders with custom reports that tell the story behind your data—all in the exact style and format you were hoping for.

Export Your Data
  • Raw CSV

  • Excel

  • Excel with
    coded map

  • SPSS

  • JMP

  • PowerPoint (customizable to your
    brand colors and more)

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