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Lacking the resources for full service? Don’t have the time to climb the DIY learning curve? Xpert Solutions bridge the gap, minimize manual effort and cover the entire research lifecycle from survey programming to reporting.

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With Xpert Solutions, your survey practically designs itself. Simply add your concepts, define a few steps, and let our expert survey automation do the rest. Xpert templates use industry best practices and methodologies to streamline your research process while making complex tests accessible for anyone.

Flexible programming
outside the "black box"

Standardization doesn’t have to equal limitations. Our flexible survey programming means you can build out Xpert Solutions to your research requirements by adding questions before or after the core segment. You can even add pre-quals and other parameters, and even soft edit the pre-written text—all without breaking the logic.

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Automated surveys.
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Your Xpert Solutions automated analysis report answers your study’s core objectives via a visually-engaging storytelling dashboard. And you still have the flexibility to access the underlying raw data, filter as needed, and build your own models.

Get a customized,
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We can work alongside you to build an Xpert template based on your unique needs and how you run research. You can even make your custom Xpert Solution accessible to your entire team for research continuity and simplicity.

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