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What is aytm?

Put plainly, we’re an intech (insights technology) company. But we’re not all that plain. Some see us as their go-to research connoisseur. Others see us as a self-serve insights buffet. We like to think of ourselves as a complex, multifaceted organism that thrives on curiosity and spits out understanding.

We believe
curiosity is limitless

Whether you’re looking for a quick turn survey or running a large number of research tests, the complex nature of the decisions you need to make is what actually matters most. We seek to empower your curiosity and deliver solutions supported by dedicated experts, designed to reveal powerful insights, and capable of scaling to meet an ever-expanding variety of research needs.

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We work differently

We view people as multi-faceted individuals who not only require, but deserve the opportunity to find their own harmony between work and life. We make it a priority to ensure every single person throughout our organization has the tools, resources, and time they need to be successful. And since the very beginning, we’ve proudly functioned as a remote company—with a global team of passionate experts coming together to help push the world of consumer insights to the next level.

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Our core values

At aytm, we’re all about advancing understanding. We really do envision a world where those who are curious can directly engage technology to explore, evolve, and innovate in real time. But we’re not your average tech company—real people drive our success, and it’s these five core values that help us stay grounded.

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Abundance mindset

We know there’s enough to go around. We're generous with our time and genuine with our efforts. We see and share possibilities. We're quick to respond, quick to help, and dedicated to fulfilling our audience.

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We see people as people. We're forgiving, accommodating, kind, caring, and understanding. We're great listeners who share feelings, rejoice in relationships, and celebrate differences.

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We're imaginative and experimental in the way we craft our reality. We can be poetic and dynamic, capable of reading between the lines and aiming for targets others might not even see.

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We seek a better understanding—always wondering, rarely judging. We connect dots, allow for second thoughts, and shine our lights on blind spots. We fearlessly hypothesize—intentionally, perpetually climbing steeper sides of the learning curve.

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Organic growth

We're future-facing, steady-pacing, never racing, but perpetually progressing, testing, and besting ourselves into better versions. We iterate on our iterations. We nurture precipitating conditions. We go with the flow, stop, and rest, and grow.

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