Dunn-Edwards uses aytm to test value propositions with consumers

Insights that paint a picture

Picture this: a century-old paint giant, Dunn-Edwards is getting ready to unveil their brand new product line, Dunn-Edwards DURA. It’s their debut in the consumer market and a great opportunity to make a splash. Their goal? To make choosing paint colors easier than ever—but before the launch, they needed to verify some of their educated assumptions about the space and make sure their value proposition was communicated effectively.



  • Dunn-Edwards wanted to successfully launch their new product line, Dunn-Edwards DURA, as their first foray into the consumer market
  • They needed to pinpoint the best value propositions, taglines, and labels to appeal to their target audience and make the launch a success

Target Audience



  • The team turned to aytm for the tools and expertise required to get the insights they needed, quickly and affordably
  • The survey was fielded in just four days, getting the results to key stakeholders in time for an important pitch to a retailer



  • Dunn-Edwards gained valuable insights into the preferences and opinions of their target audience through the survey conducted by aytm