H&L Partners cut their research time in half

H&L: Deeper insights with fewer resources

As consumer behaviors shifted rapidly at the beginning of the pandemic, the insights team at H&L Partners wanted to find the drivers of these changing trends. But with such a vast client-base, they knew they’d have a competitive advantage if they could find higher quality insights with quantitative and primary research. By leveraging geographic, demographic, and psychographic insights, along with correlation analysis, H&L was able to understand the “why” behind the “what” in order to guide transformative conversations with their clients.



  • Finite, disjointed consumer insights from third-party vendors 
  • Digging deeper was taking way longer 
  • Needed a partner for high-quality, quantitative research 

Target Audience



  • A robust sample engine to reach any audience 
  • An intuitive research platform that empowers speed 
  • A knowledgeable partner who can fill in when needed



  • Research at twice the speed 
  • Profound insights that nail the budget 
  • More confidence in every pitch