Curiosity fuel for Campbell Ewald

How fast, reliable insights can empower agency growth

Between pitching for new projects and pleasing existing clients, Campbell Ewald had to move fast without sacrificing quality—they needed potent insights in record time, and technology that would allow them to innovate, experiment, and progress their ideas. But advanced research often comes with a steep learning curve and a hefty price tag. Or does it? Here’s how aytm not only became a critical part of each and every pitch and presentation, but an integral part of Campbell Ewald’s internal processes—empowering their team to pursue their curiosity and evolve their ideas with confidence and speed.



  • Expansive research needs for an ever-expanding client base 
  • Quick insights are needed to win new business 
  • Boost innovation from team members who are less research savvy

Target Audience



  • Comprehensive research solutions to sustain growing needs 
  • A partnership that delivers flexible support 
  • An intuitive platform that empowers curiosity



  • Actionable insights with fast turnaround 
  • An advancement in curiosity-fueled understandings 
  • Increased agility and confidence in research initiatives