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Impression Dial

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Is your target audience taking the emotional journey you intend for them in your creative video spot? Gauge the impact in real time with Impression Dial. Respondents move a dial on a bipolar scale that you define as they watch your video so you can track how reactions change from beginning to end and identify which moments have the biggest impact.

What you'll get
  • Aggregate reactions
    See the average rating on your scale for each second of the video. Select either a precise, smooth, or segmented view to help see how often impressions vary and trend.
  • Windmap view
    Animated wind trajectories indicate the individual variation juxtaposed behind the aggregate trend line to display the variation individuals may or may not have throughout the video. Color clustering can provide insight into whether the aggregate line represents everyone or is multiple clusters with opposing impressions.
  • Timeslice view
    As an alternative to the animated wind map, isolate each second to more clearly see the variation of ratings at that point in time and find the moments that lead to more division in your audience.
Common applications

Advertising & Messaging

Test multiple versions of your creative material to see which leads audiences most efficiently to the experiences you want them to have, and/or load up multiple questions with the same video and different scales to assess different types of impressions in one study.

Product Development

Create a video presenting your new product idea and use more practical scales like “useful/not useful” or “innovative/typical” to hone in on impressions about specific elements of your product as part of your larger concept test.


Track engagement in real time instead of measuring reactions after a concept has ended to bolster traditional concept testing. Simply upload any video and pick from a library of common scales—or create your own to analyze respondent reactions during the course of your clip. Embedded training makes Impression Dial simple to implement in any survey.

Impression Dial results can be viewed in a windmap or timeslice, while the customizable mean line can be displayed as precise, segmented, or smooth. This empowers you to identify what parts of your video resonate most with respondents.

Best Practices
  • Use monadic designs for fresh impressions.
    If you want to present different scales to the same video, it would be best to have each respondent only rate the video once so you can be sure you are capturing that valuable first impression.
  • Create a scale that is most appropriate for your video.
    Only you know if your video is supposed to be funny, informative, moving, scary, energizing. Pick the best scale to make sure that the experience audiences are having is the one you intended.
  • Make multiple reports and apply filters.
    When your overall results show there is variance in experiences, your insights are going to come from identifying which subset of respondents react differently and then exploring other questions in your survey to better understand why.