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Xpert: Product claims

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There are so many ways to talk about your product, but which one draws the most attention? Our Xpert: Product Claims solution allows you to enter your product description and up to 80 messages, and our MaxDiff exercise (powered by Hierarchical Bayesian Analysis) will reveal the most persuasive messages.

What you'll get

This Xpert Solution is designed to help you understand which combinations of messages reach your consumers most effectively. Discover your best product claims with these great benefits:

  • Claims comparison report
    Receive an automatic narrative summarizing your results and highlighting your key findings.
  • MaxDiff results
    Review the preference likelihood, average-based preference likelihood, and utility scores for your claims.
  • Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency (TURF) Simulator
    Download a simulator to conduct your own TURF analyses using the data from the Maxdiff.
  • Downloadable deliverables
    Easily download a pre-populated .PPTX, an Excel summary of results, or access your raw data in a variety of file types.

Key metrics

This Xpert Solution comes with pre-built, automated reporting for more efficient analysis. Here are the key metrics you can expect to examine for the most relevant results.

  • Preference likelihood
  • Max reach
    via TURF download
  • Optional metrics:
    • Preferred media channels
    • Claim statement suggestions (open-ended)

Consumers review a product and choose the best and worst options from a set of messages on different screens. The number of choices and screens depends on how many product claims you’re looking to test.

This solution uses a statistical model (Hierarchical Bayesian Analysis) to figure out which claims are most liked. You can use these results in a TURF analysis to find out which combination of claims will reach the most buyers.