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Xpert Product Claims

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You have many possible statements to draw attention to your product, but which ones should you actually use?

Enter your claims statements, upload your product description, and harness the power of Hierarchical Bayesian Analysis in our MaxDiff exercise to discover the most motivating claims.

What you'll get
  • Claims comparison report
    Recieve an automatic narrative summarizing your results and highlighing your key findings.
  • MaxDiff results
    Review the preference likelihood, average-based preference likelihood, and utility scores for your claims.
  • TURF Simulator
    Download a simulator to conduct your own TURF analyses using the data from the Maxdiff.
  • Downloadable deliverables
    Easily download a pre-populated .PPTX, an Excel summary of results, or access your raw data in a variety of file types.
Key metrics
  • Preference likelihood
  • Max reach
    via TURF download
  • Optional metrics:
    • Preferred media channels
    • Claim statement suggestions (open-ended)

After reviewing the target product, respondents complete a MaxDiff exercise, indicating the best and worst choice of the subset presented over a number of screens. The number of choices shown at once and the total number of screens vary based on the total number of messages being tested.

A Hierarchical Bayesian Analysis is employed to derive preference scores for each message. Not only can you view their rank order preference, but you can also assess how much more one message is preferred over another.

These results can then be used in an optional Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency (TURF). The downloadable simulator lets you explore which subset of messages would garner the largest reach among buyers.