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Xpert Concept (Images)

& Messaging
Starts at $3,310 Set up in minutes

Increase the efficiency of your agile research by validating your concept ideas in this quick and easy solution! Simply upload images of your concepts and launch a survey to discover purchase intent, likes, and dislikes. Configure your study with a few more clicks for even more feedback.

What you'll get
  • aytm's Concept Lab
    Quickly see Top 2 Box summary statistics and significant differences between your concepts.
  • Word clouds
    See which words jump out the most for the open-ended questions about likes and dislikes.
  • In-depth look at top concepts
    Drill down to see the results for one concept at a time.
  • Downloadable deliverables
    Easily download a pre-populated .PPTX, an Excel summary of results, or access your raw data in a variety of file types.
Key metrics
  • Purchase intent
  • Optional metrics
    • Perceived value
    • Custom attributes
      (e.g. uniqueness, believability, importance)
    • Alternative brands
      (i.e. products chosen if concept were unavailable)

Choose a monadic or sequential monadic design straight from the set-up page and respondents will see the number of concepts you desire (up to 6). For each concept, they will indicate their purchase intent and answer open-ended questions about their likes or dislikes.

You can expand your concept test by including up to 10 custom attributes. This solution comes with uniqueness (“new and different”), believability (“benefits are believable”), and importance (“benefits are important to me”) pre-loaded but you can set them to fit your needs. Top off your insights by including a question about perceived value, recommended if your concept includes pricing information, and discovering what alternatives respondents would choose when shopping and find your concept is unavailable.