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Xpert: Ad analyzer (images)

& Messaging
Starts at $4,220 Set up in minutes

This Xpert Solution is a quick setup for ad testing that provides your team with automated in-depth reports. Simply upload your creative and any other custom attributes you’d like to test along with aytm's standard metrics.

Let’s find out which images are the most effective!

What you'll get

This solution generates a Concept Lab report comparing the images—complete with a narrative that summarizes crucial insights that lead to a final recommendation.

You’ll also receive user and non-user comparisons, as well as conveniently downloadable deliverables like pre-populated .PPTX files, Excel summaries, and other various data formats.

Key metrics
This Xpert Solution comes with pre-built, automated reporting for more efficient analysis. Here are the key metrics you can expect to examine for the most relevant results.
  • Appeal
  • Believability
  • Relevance
  • Clarity
  • Likeability
  • Overall attitude
    A composite score of the above individual metrics
  • Open-ended feedback
    Likes, dislikes, and unaided description of the advertisement's main message

Here, each respondent will view a single advertisement and rate them according to five standard criteria (how appealing, believable, relevant, clear, and likable it is). They'll also rank any special attributes you’d like them to consider. Then, the respondents will share their thoughts and describe the main message of the ad.

If you show two or more ads (up to 10), we’ll determine the top-ranked by looking at their overall attitude score, as well as how many people agreed with certain attributes.