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Xpert Ad: Capturing Reactions (Images)

& Messaging
Starts at $4,220 Set up in minutes

Make sure your creative advertising materials are ready to go before launch! Upload one or more creative images, choose whether to include your own custom attributes to test alongside aytm's standard metrics, and discover how well your ads are received by respondents.

What you'll get
  • aytm's Concept Lab
    Quickly see Top 2 Box summary statistics and significant differences between your concepts.
  • Key insights
    Receive an automatic narrative summarizing your results and highlighting key findings, including a recommended advertisement.
  • User/non-user comparison
    Optional feature to identify users and non-users and explore their reactions separately.
  • Downloadable deliverables
    Easily download a pre-populated .PPTX, an Excel summary of results, or access your raw data in a variety of file types.
Key metrics
  • Appeal
  • Believability
  • Relevance
  • Clarity
  • Likeability
  • Overall attitude
    A composite score of the above individual metrics
  • Open-ended feedback
    Likes, dislikes, and unaided description of the advertisement's main message

In this traditional between-subjects, monadic design, respondents begin by viewing a single advertisement, followed by rating the ad on 5 standard metrics (appeal, clarity, relevance, believability, and likeability) along with any custom attributes you include. They will also be asked to describe the main message of the ad and provide open-ended feedback on their preferences.

If you include two or more advertisements (up to 10), a recommendation for the best advertisement(s) will be determined by analyzing the overall attitude score and number of attribute endorsements.