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Xpert: Naming

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Present a set of possible names for your new product, offering, or business, and receive feedback to help you decide which is the best option.
Respondents will review all names and select their favorite. Then, respondents will be asked to provide more in depth feedback regarding their selection to assist you in selecting the chosen name.

What you'll get
Explore a range of offerings from this Xpert Solution, including a pre-built Concept Lab report comparing the product, offering, or business names, an automatic narrative summarizing crucial insights that will recommend a name.

You’ll also enjoy the convenience of downloadable deliverables, such as pre-populated .PPTX files, Excel summaries, and various data formats.
Key Metrics
With this Xpert Solution comes pre-built, automated reporting to help you analyze your data efficiently. There are a few key metrics that we are examining to bring you the most relevant results.
  • Appeal
  • Appropriateness
  • Uniqueness
  • Pronounceability
  • Trustworthiness
  • Memorability
  • Overall attitude
    A composite score of the above individual metrics
  • Open-ended feedback
    Likes,dislikes, and unaided description of the selected names(s)
The solution is designed to provide information to help you select the best name for your product, offering, or business and will provide a recommendation based on performance for the following metrics.
  • Preferred Name
    Respondents are presented with a list of all possible names to get their initial reactions for which they feel is the best.
  • Overall Attitude
    This overall attitude consists of a general impressions score as well as a general fit score. The general impression score reflects how positively respondents rate the word itself on six bidirectional scales, and the general fit score is a composite of the six standardized attributes with higher scores indicating a better fit.
  • Change in Intent
    After reviewing your product, respondents are asked to rate their likelihood to purchase the product irrespective of the name. Later, when reviewing a name in more depth, they are asked their likelihood again, but this time in the context of the product having this name.

    • The difference in these responses is examined to determine which name has the most impact in the likelihood to purchase the product.

      You will be able to view the summary scores of the individual attributes by name with Concept Lab at the end of this report.