In 2009 AYTM invented DIY market research by creating the first survey tool with the built-in respondent panel and the ability to send your survey to your exact target audience. While enjoying tremendous success and growth, we've discovered that some of our clients either don't have the time or don't feel comfortable conducting market research on their own.

We were the first in DIY Market Research. Now AYTM is the first survey tool that has Market Research Experts built into the tool. Simply choose the option we call "Expert Studies" and let the site lead you through a series of simple onboarding pages; share your research goals, hypotheses to be tested and the kinds of questions you'd like to ask. With this fundamental information, our expert market researchers will...

  1. Draft your survey or edit your submitted draft
  2. Strategize to make certain you attain your goals and properly test your hypotheses
  3. Present your survey to you for one last review
  4. Launch your survey
  5. Monitor its progress
  6. Analyze the results
  7. Create an executive summary
  8. Perform and deliver all important cross-tabulations
  9. Create a PPT/Keynote presentation of your results with voiceover

For a cost that is a tiny fraction of what you'd be charged by the big-brand market research agencies, AYTM will deliver to you the full results within one week after your survey has completed. The entire process typically takes under 10 days.

With the value and fast turnaround of Expert Studies, AYTM is going to disrupt the market research industry once again.

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