Features Overview CREATE YOUR SURVEY

See why Ask Your Target Market makes Market Research Easy, Fast, Accessible and Affordable for all! Our feature-rich platform allows you to easily define your target market, create, launch, monitor and get real insight from your survey results quickly and painlessly. What's even more exciting is that we offer three different ways of doing this.

Survey Types

Do you want to survey your own list like you can with traditional online survey tools? We do that, only better! Our tool ensures that your respondents will have a more enjoyable and engaging experience that keeps them laser-focused on giving you their candid opinions. See an example survey
See an example stats report

Want us to provide people to respond to your survey? That's what we're known for! Use our PanelSurvey See an example stats report

We also offer a VideoResponse survey option for the aytm panel. Our respondents will record their responses via their webcams so you can learn WHAT they say about your idea, HOW they say it, read their body language and gain the most important info – a holistic picture of real human reaction from your target market. See an example


Our built-in panel is owned, operated and managed by aytm. The panel is managed using our TrustScoreSM algorithm to ensure the quality and truthfulness of the aytm panel responses. In addition, we reward honesty and integrity, which means you get quality data.

Targeting & Pricing

See how easy we make it to target a specific segment of our consumer panel and get the price and guesstimated delivery time instantly!

Writing & Editing

Write, edit, clone, add images, and even add video to your surveys and be ready to launch in a few minutes. Use multiple question types and advanced logic with ease.

Launching & Managing

Launch your surveys with a couple of clicks, clone and reuse them for similar projects, and best of all, manage all your research in one place. You can also keep an eye on the progress of each survey as it's being fulfilled. See your entire payment history and make changes to your subscription or add-ons at any time.

Analyzing the Results

Your survey results are automatically tabulated and displayed in professional, customizable charts and graphs. You can also slice and dice the data, apply retrospective filters, see the correlation between answers, change chart types and color themes, and export raw data to Excel spreadsheets.

White Label Options

Need to send a survey with your branding? We make it easy for you to customize the survey with your logo, tag line, and color palette. Use our theme editor to choose one of the 25 background templates, or upload your own. Maybe you'd even like to start your own market research consultancy. You can incorporate the aytm platform in white label mode, hosted right on your website, and provide the research and insight your clients need to succeed in business. This is an ideal service offering and new source of revenue that every branding, marketing and packaging design agency should consider.