Solutions for Agencies

AYTM is built to help agencies like yours succeed in a highly Darwinian world. Relevant market insights is power, both for you and your clients. AYTM gives affordable access to the kind of marketing intelligence that makes for successful advertising campaigns, marketing strategies, product messaging, pricing, product and graphic design.

So, whether you're a full-service ad agency, or you're a boutique agency specializing in branding, design, PR, social media, market research, strategy or innovation: AYTM is your solution for gaining the marketing insights you need to be the master of your domain.

For the first time, you can access the voice of your exact target market directly, easily, quickly and affordably.

Our elegant and intuitive UI helps you to zero in on the exact target market relevant to your study. You are then guided through the creation of your survey. Once drafted, launch it and see results streaming into your dashboard in real-time as each respondent completes your survey. Read more about our DIY Market Research.

Most AYTM surveys are completed within 24 hours or less depending on the availability of your particular target market and demand on it. Our statistics module allows you to 'slice and dice' the data on the fly and discover the actionable insights faster. If you have a hard core statistician on the team, download the RAW data in Excel/CSV and crunch the numbers using their favorite analytical tools. If not, drill-down and cross-tabulate results right on our site, and customize attractive, professional presentations and reports to further impress your clients with minimal effort on your part. Download and share ready-made PDF's, PPT's, or the statistics page itself.

There are many ways for your agency to access the power of AYTM:

  • Use the AYTM survey tool for FREE to survey your or your clients' own lists. Yes, you can customize the survey's look-n-feel, fully brand them, embed into a Web page or Facebook, send a link, use on a tablet or a digital kiosk at an event.
  • Create surveys and launch them to our panel of 25+ MM respondents. From B2C to B2B, AYTM has access to every niche. We often exceed industry quality standards, provide blazing fast turnaround and are known for completing most challenging studies.
  • Capture the attention and the hearts of your clients by adding video responses to the cold dry quant data. See recordings of your target market answering your questions in front of their Webcams. Video responses bring your results to life, and help decision makers to appreciate the findings, relate to them and believe in your story.
  • AYTM offers extended market research services when our affordable Expert Study solution doesn't fit your exact needs.
  • Add AYTM to your platform in white label, rebranded as part of your services. Provide market research to your clients and charge your value-add.