AYTM Partners

There is no single market research panel anywhere that is big enough to handle every possible client order, especially with specialized/niche requests. It's standard in the industry for companies to resell their panels to other market research panel providers, although at AYTM we never sell access to our panel, since ensuring a high-quality user experience for our respondents is one of our top priorities. If we sold our panel to external survey companies, we'd never be able to vouch for the quality of the surveytaking experience, and we'd run the risk of alienating the respondents whose trust we've worked so hard to earn.

Still, in order to meet the vast and varied needs of our clients, AYTM has partnered with forward-thinking panel companies and websites who provide us API access to their panelists. Through APIs, our servers can talk with these companies and websites in real time in order to be able to provide you instant access to 100MM+ panelists from all over the world. We're always refining the quality and cost of accessing these panelists through our platform, innovating constantly to give you the best experience possible.

As part of our ongoing quality assurance, we test our partner panels' quality and performance before we plug them in. We help companies build APIs and strive for seamless integration with them, to keep the AYTM experience effortless for you. In fact, we're so confident in our ability to speedily deliver quality panel to you, we let you target the same user traits and enjoy the same delivery guarantee that you get with our proprietary panels, even when you enter Blended Mode - using partner panels blended with our own. (Please note that Personality Radar / deep profiling are not available for external respondents, only for those on our own panel.)

Are you a panel company with unique community (not a reseller) looking for a high-quality partner? We're always interested in adding more markets and increasing the reach of our platform. Please contact us if your panel company has an API and you'd like to be added to our select partner list!