Before AYTM: Angry, Overwhelmed Respondents

Before we launched AYTM in 2009, we saw that people suffered on both sides of the survey-taking process. Respondents were asked to spend hours of their time struggling through pages and pages of boring survey questions, often to find out 50 minutes later that the survey was closed. These survey takers became aggravated and started playing the system, finding shortcuts and lying their way into surveys to get incentives with minimal effort. As a result, researchers ended up with garbage answers on very comprehensive and well-thought-out survey questions. Additionally, the cost of this garbage data collection was so high that only the wealthiest companies were able to afford it.

Paying through the nose for garbage sounds insane, doesn't it?

AYTM’s Solution: Shorter Survey Questions, Better Surveys

To bring affordable, quality market research options to startups, small- and medium-sized companies, students, entrepreneurs, and agencies, we had to streamline the process and create our own panels. We promise our respondents a short length of interview (2-7 minutes on average), which means asking our clients to find more creative and compact ways to design their surveys. And with the proliferation of mobile devices, it's even more critical to be compact. With smaller screens and shorter time slots to fill, information has to be cut into smaller chunks in order to fit the lifestyles and devices of consumers.

How do we keep our surveys short and enjoyable?

  • 25 questions max
  • 7 answers max per question
  • 120 characters max for questions and 90 characters max for the answers
  • No more than 7 viewable video clips per survey

Happier Respondents, Better Data

Surveys on our platform finish fielding in hours, sometimes even minutes. Respondents stay happy and engaged, and their attention stays focused on the survey topic, not the incentive. Our clients get valid, actionable data for reasonable prices. Everyone's happy. And our company has grown by leaps and bounds since 2009 as more and more people have chosen to join our revolution.

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