What is aytm?

aytm (Ask Your Target Market) makes advanced market research easy. With our online survey platform, everything including survey creation, hosting, data analysis, visualization, and automated interpretation is a snap. Our own panel of survey takers comes with over 2,500 psychographic data points so you can build customer personas in minutes. Our DIY editor include drag-and-drop research experiments to help you figure out the best price for your product, test your ads, see how you stack up against your competitors, and more. And if you have even more complex needs, our team of PhD researchers and survey experts is happy to provide you with as much help as you'd like. We've been trusted since 2009 by Fortune 100 companies, agencies, and startups—and we're happy you're here! We'll help make your deep insights easier than ever before.

What makes aytm a better choice than its competitors?

The great experience. It's fast. It's powerful. It's beautiful. It's so advanced, it's easy. It will make you feel good about surveys. It makes respondents feel good about taking surveys too, which in turn makes them more inclined to give thoughtful answers to your questions. If you don't have a list of people to take your survey, you can reach 100MM+ respondents globally from right within the platform. That's something we invented. Need assistance? we're known and loved for our support and professional services. In other words, we believe in creating the best research experience all around. If you share our beliefs, let's work together.

Tell me about your panel.

aytm owns and operates proprietary market research panels. We reward people nominal amounts of money to participate in surveys. Take a look at our proprietary panel. Feel free to join and experience aytm from all perspectives. Nobody on our panels makes a living answering surveys, and we've built in technology to encourage and reward candid, real answers.

Additionally, like virtually all research panels in the industry, aytm has partnerships which allows us to extend the reach of the platform to meet almost any need, giving you access to 100MM+ people ready to take your survey. Using our unique and flexible targeting system, you can direct your survey to a subset of our panel with the exact fingerprint of your target market to get the most relevant insights. Read more about our panel.

aytm allows you to drilldown on 10 demographic traits and use over 2,500 psychographics to get the respondent group that matches your target market. Say you want to survey women ages 35-50 who live in NY, earn more than $100K a year and like sushi. No worries. Maybe you need to survey the latest iPhone owners living in the UK. With aytm, you can do that.

How much will my survey cost when i use the aytm panel?

Simply visit our Target Market page (registration not required) and play with the sliders and filters. You'll see the price and availability update on the fly. Next, construct your survey in the survey editor, since the number of questions—and the question types—will also affect pricing.

Does aytm send out invitations when i survey my own list?

That depends. When you create a survey for your own list, we give you a custom URL to share with your invitees from your own email blast, blog, Facebook, Twitter or other social media account. If you need us to design and send the invitations on your behalf, develop and manage an incentive model, or provide customer support to your survey takers, we'd be happy to provide these services for you at an extra cost.

You have so many features, i'm not sure which plan is for me

Let's talk. We'll be happy to give you a demo and answer any questions you may have. Usually a 30-45 minute call is enough to see which aytm solution is best for you.

In the meantime, create a free Lite account and play with our tools. Use it to create and send surveys to your own list (e.g. colleagues, customers, site visitors). If you need survey takers: get an instant quote, prepay with your credit card, and see results streaming to your stats page within moments. If you don't have the time or expertise to do it yourself, let one of our market research experts run the study for you and provide all the analysis and insights you need.

What are my payment options?

Currently we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. We also accept wire and ACH transfers. We don't provide cash refunds, but we're always happy to provide in-store credit for rejected or unfulfilled completes. For organizations spending over $10,000 per month on research, we can also provided invoices. To learn more, please contact [email protected].

DIY is cool, but what if i need help with my study?

We have live support available via chat, email, and phone during business hours, which are 8am-6pm Pacific Time. Outside of business hours, we'll still answer your emails and phone calls. If you need more than support, we'd be thrilled to design and run your study for you. Give us a call.

Does aytm offer a white label options?

Yes. Contact us if you wish to use aytm without our branding or pricing visible to your clients or community members.

Where can i learn more about your platform capabilities?

Watch our tutorial videos and read about available question types and research tests.