Targeting & Pricing CREATE YOUR SURVEY

Demographic Filters

Selecting your target market is easy: simply use our sliders to pick the required combination of age range, gender, household income, ethnicity/race, education, employment status, career, relationship, children status and geographic location specific to your unique target profile.

Psychographic Filters

Perhaps your target market cannot adequately be defined with demographics. You may need to survey people who love to travel, have never owned a car, own an iPad or are libertarians. We make this easy. Choose one of our 200+ psychographic traits or write your own.

Real-Time Pricing & Guesstimated Delivery

The price instantly changes as you tell us how many and who you want to survey. As you add questions, or change features, the Guesstimated Delivery Meter will give you instant feedback on the predicted time it will take to deliver your order. It considers your target demographic and the number of respondents you are seeking, and then looks at the currently active panelists likely to be available and appropriate to answer your survey.