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Eileen Campbell


Having come from leading a big agency, I arrived at IMAX with an insatiable appetite for consumer insights - only to find I was on a starvation diet research budget! Thank god for AYTM! Their combination of panels on-demand with the best survey engine interface I'd ever seen was a revelation. The ability to execute sophisticated designs with great analytics has helped us become an insights driven Marketing team. They blow up the old mantra that you can't have better, faster and cheaper. While we still use some full service agencies, AYTM is able to meet the vast majority of our needs in a much more efficient manner
Adrian Fogel


The reporting and coding options are user-friendly and new school, which is awesome. My clients request was to deliver a word cloud with the open-ends. I couldn't believe the options I had at my finger tips.
Your staff also went the extra mile last night. We will definitely be using you all again!
Anthony N. Fabricatore

I'm thrilled with the efficiency

I'm thrilled with the efficiency with which your platform allows my organization to obtain vital information from our target customers. The price and turnaround time are great.
Hill Holliday

Fast turnaround, competitive pricing, and fantastic customer support!

Over the past two years, I have run nearly 50 different projects with AYTM. Their DIY interface, quick turnaround, and flexible pricing have saved me every time.
FKM Agency

Thanks so much for all your help with the survey.

I was extremely happy with every aspect of it, and you really helped make it happen. It really showed that AYTM is like no other research option out there that I can think of. I know I have compared you to a few before, but this project really demonstrated that you are one of a kind -- you worked with my budget, helped me develop and program the survey, got data back super fast, and the analysis was pretty painless! More importantly, I never felt left alone having to try to figure out a self-service survey tool all on my own. Quite the opposite, you have been there every step of the way, and I really appreciate it!
Leonard F. Murphy

AYTM is the clear choice.

I've seen just about every survey platform on the market and AYTM is the most intuitive, usable, and well thought out of them all. If you're looking for a survey platform designed so that even non-researchers can easily capture consumer insights, but with features that many enterprise level platforms don't even offer – AYTM is the clear choice. I've been converted to a fan, and you will be too!

A brilliant site.

It's a super-quick way to take the pulse of what consumers are thinking. An intuitive interface, flexibility to define your target and create open or close-ended survey. Fancy looking analytics at your fingertips, with the ability to play with and cut the data any way you want. A brilliant site.

AYTM has become a vital part of our product design process.

AYTM has been valuable for everything from getting a sense of user behavior, and tuning messaging, to testing interaction sequences. AYTM is unbelievably fast, and incredibly useful.

We love AYTM for our discovery phase research

We are a mid-size agency and love AYTM for our discovery phase research because it allows us to use our client's customer lists and your service is so user friendly. We haven't used any outside recruiting services for our AYTM surveys because we know your panel is so good :)

I love - LOVE - L-O-V-E the support features of this tool!

The videos are clear and not boring, online chat is quick, and every time I ask a question, I don't just get a link to your videos, I get some partnership. A huge value for me. I'm a Qual girl living in a Quant world, and this tool is making me look good.
Looking forward to doing more work on it.

The Team at AYTM clearly went above and beyond to make our experience wonderful.

We have used AYTM platform twice and have found it extremely user friendly. Besides that, the idea of built-in panels is absolutely brilliant. My feedback won't be complete without mentioning all the great help your client support team provided us. The Team at AYTM clearly went above and beyond to make our experience wonderful.
Eric Ries

I think the product is very cool!


AYTM have constantly surprised us with their speed, support and reach to get quality data

Minimum Viable Concept

AYTM is a perfect solution for entrepreneurs, startups and investors.

We've been using for a long time to successfully develop and deploy concept test studies for digital consumer services. The platform offers an outstanding user experience with minimal budget and time requirements.
Weiman Products

Ask Your Target Market offers quick, useful, easy-to-use research tools that help us understand the thought processes and buying habits of our target consumers.

The image and video options are excellent for testing different types of packaging. It's a cost-effective research option that ultimately helps us make better business decisions.
Pong Research Corp.

If the business is considered survival of the fittest, then AYTM is way to accelerate your evolution.

At Pong, insight-gathering has gone from a one-time step in a process to a constant cycle of improvement. It's simplicity has allowed us to bring research and analytics inside our firm. We have never been closer to the market.

Fantastic! As a marketer I'm so excited to use this. I think it's great.

Curiosity Advertising

AYTM continues to be one of my favorite tools.

Especially since a client required I do a Survey Monkey survey. AYTM is so much better it's unbelievable.

AYTM delivers a great product with great service.

They do what most other startups just talk about and frankly knock the socks off the bigger competition out there. Try it out!

I was pleased with the response time – barely half a day to get the survey complete. I was also pleased with the quality of responses.

I used the survey recently to test potential price points and sales concepts for a complex device, a Range Extender for cordless telephones.
I was pleased with the response time – barely half a day to get the survey complete. I was also pleased with the quality of responses.
When reading responses to one of the questions, I could sense the respondents really knew the substance of the questions I was asking.Thank you for offering this service. I am recommending it to associates in my current company and to marketing people in other small businesses.
Door Number 3

We are an AD agency and are always looking for scrappy ways to get good research

I launched our survey yesterday so I can't believe it's already complete. At first glance the results look reliable and we think the findings will be very helpful as we move forward with our project.
I found the set-up process to be very easy and I was impressed with the targeting filters given the cost... Thank you for the great service. We are an ad agency and are always looking for scrappy ways to get good research so we will definitely be using Ask Your Target Market again.
Read Write Web

I think this is [] very interesting!

I love the fact that the price point is so low.

The AYTM toolset is exceptional, and has no equal in the small business market.

AYTM is the only way a startup like ours can get effective market research without spending half our seed funding.

AYTM provided actionable data

AYTM provided actionable data that I was able to use to better tailor marketing campaigns. I was really impressed by the fast turn around and the ability to analyze data within the AYTM interface.
Element 79

In our business, it is critical to get quick consumer learning.

AYTM's panel surveys have helped us get that feedback quickly and efficiently, so that we can ensure strategies are sound and recommendations are backed with data. Lisa and team go to great lengths to make sure clients are getting what they need. Thanks AYTM!

AYTM provides accurate data that delivers reliable support to strengthen the research process of any campaign strategy.

For AREA203 Digital, the affordability of AYTM allowed us to gain a higher level of insight for clients who would not have been able to bear the expense of traditional survey methods.
8 Ninths

Just want to say thanks for all the help.

The survey came back great, and the survey result tool was superb! Couldn't be more happy with your service. As a matter of fact, we've been telling everyone about your service!

The customer support was really stellar!

Ask Your Target Market is a great cost effective way to get a lot of opinions on new products. Normally these kinds of services are cost prohibitive to a small company. In addition, the customer support was really stellar; the company helped me design and optimize the survey from start to finish.

AYTM is a resource we will use time and time again.

AYTM is a resource we will use time and time again due to its ease and immediacy. It has helped us provide timely data to our clients as well as actionable insights direct from the audience we're targeting.

Market research is a key component in the planning process of a startup.

Ask Your Target Market has created an impressive self-service target market research platform that anyone can afford. We are excited to make AYTM the market research tool of choice for our startups and now strongly encourage Founder Institute companies to utilize it.

Ask Your Target Market & Women 2.0

Together Ask Your Target Market and Women 2.0 are equipping entrepreneurs with startip-friendly online resources necessary to launch their new ideas. At the idea phase, AYTM is the easiest way to analyze market data and better understand a target audience of customers.

This price point is definitely appealing considering how expensive it can be to conduct market research


I see huge potential for this product

I was impressed with the ease of use, and how simple it was to set up and craft a great survey. As a former SVP at, I have spent tens of thousands of dollars paying professional research firms to do what I did on Askyourtarget market in a few hours for a fraction of the price - and got my results back much faster!
Internet Simplicity

As a big proponent of Lean startup, I'm a big fan of your service

As a big proponent of Lean startup, I'm a big fan of your service – I think it has tremendous potential and could save entrepreneurs a lot of headache!
Digital Intent

Super, super impressed with this service.

The demographic info, the branching, the speed (and quality) of the results were truly above and beyond what we were expecting. I'm very, very impressed.