Writing & Editing CREATE YOUR SURVEY

Video Intro

Start your survey off with a personal introduction or short video. For a Panel Survey you can upload an existing video, record one from your webcam, or recycle one you've used before on our site. It's an awesome way to test your pitch on your target market, show your product in action, show an interaction with your site prototype, or simply describe the topic you are researching to get more meaningful feedback. When launching a ListSurvey, we make it easy for you to embed a YouTube video to be presented before the survey.

Choose from Multiple Question Types

Single choice answers (radio buttons) are the default. You can also use multiple-choice (check boxes), and allow respondents to choose more than one answer ("select all that apply"). Do you want to give the respondents even more flexibility and collect qualitative data? Simply change the question type to open-ended. These questions will require a mandatory input box instead of answer options. We also have open-ended answers, which allow you to append an optional comment box after any answer.

Custom Prequalification Questions

Prequalification questions allow you to pre-screen who gets to complete your survey based on your unique case and eliminates those who don't qualify. For example, you may want to ask a question like "Do you own an iPad?" and only let iPad owners in while ruling out non iPad owners. If you are not satisfied with the phrasing of our pre-screening questions using the psychographic filter you selected, you will have ultimate control of the pre-screening process and can always create a custom prequalification question.

Skip Logic

Skip Logic, a must-have feature of any professional survey tool, allows you to control the flow of your respondent's experience as they answer your survey. You can direct them to a specific question you want them to answer based on how they have answered previously. This streamlines the process for them and you get more relevant data. You can also "Exit" respondents after any answer if you feel their opinion on the following question is not relevant. We protect you in this process by alerting you about orphaned questions.

Interactive Survey Design

You can click and drag any question or answer to another place in the survey. The skip logic feature is automatically updated with your changes. You can also clone questions and answers, which saves you time when creating many similar questions or answer options. You can save and clone the entire survey for later use.


When you are done creating your survey you can choose to randomize the order of your answers. Different people responding to the survey will see the answers in a different order. This helps remove any bias and improves the quality of your results.

Custom Branded ListSurveys

When you launch a survey to your own list of respondents, you may want it to reflect your brand or identity. That's why we make it easy for you to customize ListSurveys with your logo, tag line, and color palette. Use our theme editor to choose from one of our 25 templates, choose a solid color or upload your own background, and make your survey look just as your respondents would expect to see coming from you.

Add Custom Intros and Thank You Text to ListSurveys

You have the option of presenting text at the beginning and at the end of the survey. You may want to tell them why the survey is important or announce an incentive for those who take the survey. Likewise, you may want to express your gratitude to those who gave you their time and completed the survey. You can see what your message looks like to the respondent by clicking the Preview icon.